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Emotional and Social Wellbeing program for 4-5 year olds

A program designed to empower our early learners and help them thrive. Providing them with a variety of tools, resources, and skills aimed at optimising learning and social possibilities. This program is beneficial to all early learners including our early learners with Autism Spectrum disorder, Social or Play challenges or Global Development Delay.


More about the program-

🌟 Welcome to Foundations for Childhood's School Readiness Program! 🌟

Preparing your child for school involves more than just academic skills. Our program focuses on social and emotional competencies, facilitated by a registered Play Therapist/Certified Practicing Counsellor and Educational Support Staff.

- Develop social & emotional skills
- Enhance self-regulation & conflict resolution
- Boost confidence & independence

- Aligned with Early Years Learning Framework (Being, Belonging and Becoming)
- Incorporates sensory play, mindfulness, social skills, play skills and emotional literacy

How it Works:
- Curriculum tailored to children's needs & interests
- Mix of purposeful teaching & child-led experiences
- Activities include art, craft, music, stories, mindfulness
- New theme each session to provide new learning experiences

Our holistic approach ensures children are not only academically prepared but also emotionally and socially equipped for kinder and school. 

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