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A modified Version of Girl Power Workshops- created to suit the specific needs of boys aged 7-11 years of age.

Boys can access workshops that help develop confidence and self-esteem, growth mindset, mindfulness, resilience, healthy friendships and personal strengths. 

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Variety of Workshops offered throughout the year 

Two aged groups available
Lower Primary 5 years- 8 years
Upper Primary 8 years- 12 years

We cover five important topics in each workshop: individuality and strengths, friendship, growth mindset, resilience, and gratitude. The activities in each workshop varies, ensuring that your child has a unique experience at each event.

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8 week Program designed specifically to develop social skills and self confidence in boys

Suitable for 7- 11 year olds

Week 1: Individuality & Identifying Strengths
Week 2: Social Skills
Week 3: Positive Friendships
Week 4: Friendship Fires & Bully-Proof Skills
Week 5: Growth Mindset and Gratitude
Week 6: Resilience
Week 7: Physical and Emotional Regulation and Relaxation
Week 8: Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

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